Michael Levine Protege Signs Indie Rocker Audra Hardt

Rising Rock Star Audra Hardt Signs with Levine Communications Office Specialty Intern Graduate, Amy Mosshart.

Los Angeles, CA, August 25, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Amy Mosshart announced this month she will represent rising indie rocker Audra Hardt. Mosshart graduated in June from an intensive 6 month “Levine Specialty Internship Program” with media expert Michael Levine. As internship manager for the program Mosshart left an encouraging impression on Levine who has since agreed to mentor Mosshart in the early stages of her career.

“After surviving the internship program with Michael Levine and my past experience working for a successful boutique PR firm, I am ready for this next endeavor as a freelance publicist. I have learned from the best and I have a great client. After I saw Audra Hardt play, I knew I had found an extraordinary undiscovered talent. Hardt’s stage presence is entrancing and her vocal prowess is phenomenal. As her publicist I am going to make sure her talent does not go unheard” said Amy Mosshart

Audra Hardt is a powerhouse; akin to the likes of Evanescence, Pat Benatar, and even a little Alanis Morrisette. Music producer and percussionist Steve Klong is responsible for creating the hard-rock sound heavy enough to keep up with Hardt’s commanding voice. Jeff Mallow provides a demanding guitar, Mario Pagliarulo pounds the bass and Gary Bieber provides keyboard and harmonica support. With Hardt’s entrancing vocals and the bands collaboration of talent the outcome is nothing short of paramount rock and roll. Los Angeles FM radio station 97.1 featured Audra Hardt on the ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go?’ segment of the Frosty Heidi and Frank Show. The results from the panel were confirmed Audra Hardt should stay.

On September 14th Audra Hardt will release an EP titled “Superficial Superstar” featuring the single “Watch Me”. If you cannot wait for the EP release the songs “Watch me”, “Think”, “You Said” and “Now and Then” (written for Beautiful Loser soundtrack) are available through iTunes, CD Baby, and www.myspace.com/audrahardt.

Audra Hardt is playing in several LA locations this summer promoting the debut of “Superficial Superstar”. Information on where and when Hardt will be performing can be found at www.AudraHardt.com

For more information on the Levine Specialty Internship Program or Audra Hardt contact: Amy Mosshart, at (805) 216-4639 or Amy.Mosshart@gmail.com

Amy Mosshart