Sonnema VodkaHERB and The Quest for "it" Take on East Hampton

New York, NY, August 22, 2007 --( The recently opened Le Flirt in East Hampton was the site of the Thursday night Summer Breather, a promotional event given on August 16th by Sonnema VodkHERB and The Quest for “it”. Not surprisingly, the cocktail party designed to introduce the Dutch vodka and the popular Celebrity and Lifestyle blog to the Hamptons was a smash success. The intimate party given by The Quest for “it” was attended by 75-100 Hamptonites and held in Le Flirt’s VIP Room, giving the select crowd a chance to sample the spirit in a relaxed environment.

Sonnema girls carried trays of Sonnema VodkaHERB shots for attendees who were not yet familiar with the fine spirit. The Quest for “it”'s Tia Walker was on hand to gather attendees reaction to the spirit. Attendees confirmed that Sonnema VodkaHERB was “light in flavor” adding that the taste was “unique, unlike any other vodka they’d ever tried.” T-shirts and other promotional items were given to attendees to solidfy the Sonnema experience. Sonnema VodkaHERB made a lasting impression among the ongoing Thursday night crowd as well, with Le Flirt being the first East Hampton establishment to serve the spirit.

A brand new product, Sonnema VodkaHERB is beginning its global debut with the US market, with further worldwide launches slated for fall 2007. In its preliminary stages of consumer roll-out in the US, Sonnema VodkaHERB can be found in targeted retail and on-premise accounts in CA, FL and NY, with expansion into additional markets underway.

About Sonnema VodkaHERB

Sonnema VodkaHERB is a premium herb-infused, charcoal-distilled grain vodka from Holland, home to the world’s first Gin, also called Genever (or Jenever), first created in the 1600’s – long before the gin-distilling tradition emerged in London. Although new to the global marketplace, Sonnema VodkaHERB’s unique herbal recipe is steeped in Dutch history and heritage inspired by the gin-based spirit from the 1800’s that made Sonnema a household name in Holland: Sonnema Berenburg, a spicy mixture of herbs, Genever and brandy.

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