Hurricane Dean & Caribbean

Woking, United Kingdom, August 22, 2007 --( Principal International, leading international property investment experts, are confident that the developments which they are promoting in the Caribbean will not be affected by Hurricane Dean.

Paul Cooper comments “We have four developments currently active in the Caribbean and all the evidence suggests that none of these locations will be impacted at all by Hurricane Dean. St Vincent and Barbados are hundreds of miles South East of where the eye of the storm is, close to Jamaica. Although the Dominican Republic is closer, it is still a good distance away and the developments we promote here are on the North Coast, which is protected by a significant mountain chain, which runs through the centre of this, the second largest Caribbean island.” Paul goes on to say “According to the British Broadcasting Company’s weather experts in London the storm is heading West farther away from both the Dominican Republic and the Southern Caribbean islands of St. Vincent and Barbados."

Part of the due diligence process undertaken by Principal International when considering investment locations in the Caribbean is to review the historical information available about the weather patterns in this part of the world. The very South Eastern of the Caribbean islands such as Barbados and St. Vincent have almost never suffered at the hands of a hurricane, since records began, due to their location and proximity to the vast land mass of the South Americas. Although Dominican Republic has had its share of hurricane weather, the North coast has always been protected by the mountain chain within the island. Paul Cooper comments “It is a vital part of the investment due diligence to understand these risks as they can clearly have a grave impact on investment income. The four developments we are currently promoting have been selected partly due to their relatively speaking, low risk locations within the Caribbean.”

Principal International confirm that the BBC’s London weather team are showing the weather in Barbados on Monday 20th August as 32 degrees Celsius and a wind speed of just 4 miles per hour – hardly hurricane conditions.

Principal International
Shaun Woodward