A New Global Gourmet Sandwich Restaurant Start Up Chain is Coming Soon

A New Gourmet Sandwich Restaurant Chain is in the process of being created by The Founder of Gold e-Business Communications Inc. Kenneth Golden. Details are being presented publicly at this time.

Baton Rouge, LA, May 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Kenneth Golden of Gold e-Business Communications Inc. Global is contemplating starting up a family restaurant chain based on his New 20 World Class Gourmet Sandwiches Menu. The concept is based on the personal menu created by Kenneth Golden which was compiled over a twenty year period.

At this point in time limited information will be released as to the locations, structure design, and over all implementation strategy. The over all concept may be along the lines of many of the traditional family type restaurants located around the world.

Background details about the menu concept and actual World Class Gourmet Sandwiches can be viewed at the corporate website. Simply visit the website.

Gold e-Business Communications Inc. formed in November of 2006 and has since expanded into multiple divisions. The proposed restaurant chain would be under the Global Division. You won't find these Gourmet Sandwiches listed or published in any type of publication because they are his own personal creations with his own personal receipts. From time to time he has hosted parties and events at which time he served various random Gourmet Sandwiches to his guest.

He has had numerous offers from individuals interested in starting up signature restaurants using his World Class Gourmet Sandwiches as the core menu item. However, after spending twenty plus years in the food services industry, he was not interested until now.

He just did not want to have something that numerous people appreciated and liked to be kept to myself only. He decided to compile a complete list of his 20 Gourmet Sandwich creations and make it available to the general public.

Before he made them available to the general public, He ran numerous cross sectional studies for appearance, quality, and individual cost. To his surprise they received top marks in all categories.
Gold e-Business Communications Inc.
Kenneth Golden