Interview: Talk Show Host/ Syndicated Columnist Sandy Zimmerman Interviewed Joseph Eckroth, Sr. VP & CIO of Hertz Holdings and Hertz

Product Review: Sandy Zimmerman and Joseph Eckroth discussed the latest innovations in Hertz’s NeverLost GPS.

Las Vegas, NV, May 27, 2013 --( Talk Show Host/Syndicated Columnist Sandy Zimmerman interviewed Joseph Eckroth, the Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Hertz Holdings and Hertz.

Zimmerman and Eckroth discussed the latest innovations in Hertz’s NeverLost GPS.
Eckroth explained, “Today, NeverLost has a whole new set of capabilities way beyond navigation with over 6.5 million points of interest including places to eat, places to stay, and ways to explore the city as well as picking out a guided tour.

“It even translates into a mobile app that will do the same thing while you are walking or riding public transportation.”

Even if the traveler is on a multi-segment trip and will visit a couple of cities they want to know what the weather forecast is in those cities the NeverLost GPS will provide this information. If the traveler has to change routes during the trip there is an (800) number to add more cities.

Zimmerman reviewed the NeverLost GPS during her stay in Los Angeles and feels, “NeverLost anticipates everything the business, family or recreational traveler would want. It is surprising how much they pack into the GPS.

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