Hot Tubs Ankeny, Portable Spas Ames. Hot Spring Green Publishes Guide for Physical Fitness Month

Hot Tub Dealer Serving Ames, Iowa Participates in Physical Fitness Month by Publishing Helpful Tips to Help Prevent Injuries When Exercising. Offers Free Hot Tub Spa Report and In-Store Test Soaks.

Ankeny, IA, May 28, 2013 --( “With more focus on living healthier and losing weight, people often focus on dieting and eating differently. That’s a great start to a healthy life, but it isn’t enough,” said Connie Petersen general manager of Hot Spring Spas of Iowa.

“Exercise is a big part of a healthy body, however, working out is not without its dangers. Sprains and sore muscles are just a few of the most common exercise-related injuries,” continued Petersen. 0Here are three ways to get started on a healthier physique without injuries or strain.

Alternate Muscle Groups – When exercising every day, make sure to always alternate what muscles are being exerted to avoid stress. Working the same muscle group every day does much more harm than good, since it takes up to 24 hours for muscles to recover from a workout. If a muscle group is stressed by overworking on successive days they are more prone to tearing and strains.

Keep a Journal – It is easy to get carried away with exercise. Most people find it hard to believe until they begin exercising, but it does make them feel good and then it gets out of hand. Keep a journal to watch how much time is spent on exercising each day and make sure it stays within a reasonable level. A healthy starting goal is 15 to 30 minutes a day increasing to an hour over time. If workouts begin to stretch out beyond an hour on a regular basis, it may be time to evaluate the routine to keep it under control and decrease the chances of muscle exhaustion or strain.

A Hot Tub to Protect Joints – People who have a lot of extra weight can have trouble exercising without injuring muscles or joints. A hot tub is a great solution to that problem and it can be added easily to just about any home. Doing a workout while floating in the warm water provides support for the body in a way that protects joints, while still keeping the muscles moving and increasing health. A hot tub makes it possible for people with arthritis or sports-related injuries to exercise and keep fit in spite of physical limitations. The New England Journal of Medicine even published a study that showed hot tubs to be a powerful tool in the fight against diabetes. Spending just 15 to 30 minutes a day in a hot tub decreased blood sugar levels, helped people lose weight and also improved sleep patterns for better overall health.

Hot Tubs Ankeny, Portable Spas Ames

“To help people understand how hydrotherapy can help improve overall health and well-being, we will provide free hot tub test soaks in our 5 locations during the entire month,” commented Petersen. “We want to encourage local consumers to check out the benefits of a relaxing soak in an energy efficient hot tub for themselves.”

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