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Corn on the Cob comics is one of the first Christian comics of its kind to be published on a secular website. Using scripture as its base, the response to these cartoons has been overwhelming.

Montgomery, IL, August 22, 2007 --( Most people go to the comics to tickle their funny bone, but what if they go to the comics page to get their daily Bible reading?

The creator of Corn on the Cob comics, Jo Ras, has done just that.

Corn on the Cob comics was launched in 2005. After a rough start, Jo began using comics to share Bible truths. Since then its creator has developed the comic to be inspirational with Bible verses as its base.

This of itself is not unusual. There are many Christian comics out there. Some even use scripture. But the fact that Corn on the Cob is on a secular comics website listed with all the "Greats" of comic stardom is what makes this notable.

There are over 400 Corn on the Cob comics listed on Comics Sherpa, a division on The best thing about these comics is, they are free.

When Jo Ras was asked why she was doing this comic she stated, "The main purpose of this comic is to share the gospel and make people smile."

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