Eco-Friendly Rugs Provide New Alternative for Environmentally Conscious College Students

Eco-friendly dorm rugs allow college students to promote sustainability through their dorm décor.

Buffalo, NY, May 31, 2013 --( In college, it is not always easy to be environmentally conscious as you live on a huge campus where everything is mass-produced with efficiency, not sustainability in mind. However, DormCo hopes that its new line of eco-friendly dorm rugs can contribute to more sustainable dorm living. The company’s new line of rugs was made with college life in mind, while using recycled materials to create aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious products.

DormCo’s cool new eco-friendly dorm rugs are all constructed in a few different ways. Some of them, for example, are made completely from recycled cotton. These hand-woven rugs use materials of times past to create décor that is modern in the present. These eco-friendly college rugs also break the stigma that environmentally friendly products are a hassle to deal with and upkeep.

Contrary to popular belief, the rugs made from 100% recycled cotton can be spot treated or even vacuumed for easy cleaning. Check out the Selene Eco-Friendly College Rug in Heritage Blue & Lemon Drop and the Sabel Weave Eco-Friendly College Rug in Snow White & Faded denim for an idea of just how awesome these rugs will look encompassed into a student’s dorm decor.

When it comes to these new eco-friendly rugs from DormCo, the innovation doesn’t stop there. The company also carries rugs that are woven from straws! These creative dorm rugs that are woven from straws are made of premium recycled plastic and crafted into rugs so modern and trendy that passers-by won’t have a clue as to its recycled origins. This eco-friendly option makes for a perfect college rug; it is lightweight, strong, and perfect for high-traffic dorm life.

DormCo has been sure to stay up-to-date with the current trends for college students, and that is apparent with the fun patterns that are seen in these woven rugs. The Chevron print is exceptionally popular right now, and it can be seen on the Leeta Wave Eco-Friendly Woven College Rug in multiple colors.

Many students in this generation, both college-bound and currently enrolled, are environmentally conscious and passionate about leaving a positive mark on the Earth. These new eco-friendly rugs are a great choice for college students who are looking for dorm décor that does not compromise their mission towards a cleaner environment and more sustainable future.

The new eco-friendly dorm rugs from DormCo come in various different sizes and start at just $29.99. To browse these rugs, other eco-friendly dorm products, and thousands of other dorm supplies including twin XL bedding and dorm seating, visit DormCo can be contacted via email at or by phone at 888.925.2899.
Keith Gillogly