Catholic Matchmaker New Zealand Gets Archbishop's Blessing

Wellington, New Zealand, August 23, 2007 --( Archbishop John Dew has just endorsed and blessed a New Zealand Catholic Matchmaker site in an effort to help Catholics find Catholics for friendships and relationships.

“I am happy to approve this website initiative to be used by Catholic singles of the Archdiocese of Wellington who are looking to meet other Catholics in the hope of finding their life partner. My hope is that it will be an opportunity for Catholics to meet one another, to share faith, to know what commitment in marriage means, what Catholic marriage entails and to be able to make the life-long commitment of marriage.”

This is a forward step for the Catholic Church in recognizing that Catholic Singles need more avenues to meet people than just their local parish in New Zealand. The Internet has opened up the entire country for the opportunity to find that special person.

Clare and Glen Omvig, who created the Catholic Matchmaker New Zealand Website are really excited by the prospect of helping other couples find each other.

Clare and Glen met on a dating website 8 years ago themselves, and are married with three young children now, and living in New Zealand.

“In 1988 I turned to the internet,” says Clare, “because I wasn’t meeting single Catholic men. My work, in a hospital at that stage, and my involvement in sports clubs meant I was meeting singles, but not Catholics.

Clare finally found Glen on an American Matchmaker website, but had to go to the USA to meet her perfect match.

The site is meant to make it easier for New Zealand Catholics to find their soul mates.

For those who are finding it difficult to find other eligible Catholic singles, the Omvigs feel this website provides a new and exciting avenue to pursue.

“We know that strong and lifelong relationships can start on the internet as we are a living example of that” says Glen and Clare. “We would like to enhance the process that we went through by having the partnership with the Catholic Church, the Community, and using the magic of the Internet.”

The actual dating site is very comprehensive and includes video and audio, chat, as well as instant messaging, internal email, and as time goes on it will involve Mentor Couples to be available for advice and prayer for the Catholic Single members. will be launching on 29 September 2007, St Raphael’s Feast Day (patron saint of single people and happy meetings). Until that day, all the services on the site will be available free of charge for those who join as members. Catholic Dating just got a whole lot easier.

Catholic Matchmaker New Zealand Ltd
Clare Omvig