BISCUE Business Content are Now Available in 7 Languages

The Shubiki Corporation will begin to offer its business skill applications "BISCUE App" and "BISCUE e-Learning/m-Learning" in a total of 7 languages.

Tokyo, Japan, June 07, 2013 --( The Shubiki Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo/President: Yoshito Shubiki) will begin to offer its business skill applications "BISCUE App" and "BISCUE e-Learning/m-Learning" in a total of seven languages with the addition of Chinese, Portuguese, and French.

Due to overseas expansion of Japanese companies, the entry of foreign companies into the Japanese market, and radical globalization in the business field, the demand for education in multiple languages and the learning needs of a businessperson are increasing.

Currently, the Shubiki Corporation offers over 500 pre-packaged business content titles with the brands "BISCUE App" and "BISCUE e-Learning/m-Learning," and has localized them into English, Spanish, and Latin-American Spanish editions.

With the addition of Chinese, Portugues, and French, the Shubiki Corporation will now supply its products in seven languages to meet the diversified needs of each language speaking region.

The series entitled "Japanese Business Manners" will be released first starting from June. All subsequent courses in multiligual editions including human skills, marketing, management, and human resource development will follow its release.

Additionally, with these seven languages included, the production system in other languages are being planned and developed.

These multilingual courses are also available in the flat-rate e-Learning/m-Learning libraries "BISCUE LS."

BISCUE e-Learning/m-Learning


Since 1993, the Shubiki Corporation has been supplying business courses under the name "BISCUE" (short for "Business Rescue"), mainly for enterprises and companies in Japan, and presently provides over 500 courses. BISCUE Business Content has been designed and developed based on the Japanese training materials currently used in business, and is localized to other language editions for the use of the respective native learners.

When localized, the content is not only translated but also adjusted to meet the culture, customs, and requirements of each language speaking region. With this concept, BISCUE Business Content provides the global business professionals with the opportunities to learn cross-cultural as well as multilingual practices.

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Shubiki Corporation is a cross-media digital content provider of various business subjects. The content including over 500 pre-packaged titles under the brand name of "BISCUE Business Content", is supplied through various media such as apps, e-learning and m-learning among others. The courses are used mainly by organizational users in Japan which include global corporations, small and medium sized companies, government, public organizations, and universities.
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