Popular Internet Meme "Lolcats" Has Gone to the Dogs

If Rehoboth Beach, Delaware based Internet publishing and development firm Resdaz Media LLC. has its way, the Lolcats will be on their way to the litter box and the dogs will have their day.

Rehoboth Beach, DE, August 23, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Resdaz Media founders David X. Smith and Ralph E. Smith have recently launched a new photo blog website entitled LolDawgz.com - What Dogs are Thinking. The website features pictures of dogs engaged in various activities with imaginative captions of "what the dogs are thinking" embedded in the photo. Many of the photos have been contributed by visitors to the website which includes dog owners, dog trainers, dog groomers and dog breeders. The creation of the website was prompted by the ever-increasing plethora of humorous websites focused primarily on cats and kittens. By offering dog owners an alternative venue of their own, LolDawgz.com aims to convince the kitty culture that their four legged domestic canine counterparts can be cute and humorous as well. David Smith, a dog owner and enthusiast has even featured his own dog, a wire haired Dachshund named Sgt. Schultz on the LolDawgz.com website. The most popular image macro being the blog's first post with a picture of Sgt. Schultz dressed in a reindeer costume and a caption "Deer Santee Klauz, I pulls ur slay 2nite."

Lolcats are an existing Internet phenomenon or Internet meme that consist of an image macro combining a picture of a cat with a humorous and idiosyncratic caption. The captions are often written in "netspeak" which is a form of nonsensical shorthand used in Internet chat rooms or in text messages sent by cellphone users. In netspeak, one might use "lol" as shorthand for "laugh out loud" or "rotfl" which stands for "rolling on the floor laughing". Netspeak has been around since the earliest days of America Online chat rooms and BBS systems. The creation of image macros using netspeak is a relatively new concept that has risen in popularity through Internet forums and message boards such as Something Awful and 4Chan. The lol-themed sites have taken netspeak to the next level by incorporating elements of baby talk, poor grammar and common misspellings into the mix to enhance the overall suggestiveness that the pictured animal is the one who is speaking or thinking what is captioned.

LolDawgz.com is a community based, social networking site for dog owners and dog enthusiasts. Visitors are encouraged to contribute through several methods, such as uploading pictures of their own dogs to be captioned and/or by commenting on the existing photos. Additionally, there is a voting system which contributors can use to rate each picture on a scale of one to five. LolDawgz is provided entirely free of charge to its end users and advertising revenue is used to pay for the expenses entailed in operating the website. As a final comment, the founders would like people to be reminded of the bold banner adorning the front page of the LolDawgz site that jokingly states "No Cats Allowed."

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