Key Member of CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years

Beaverton Real Estate Specialist, Jesse Poll delivers a special thank you to Katie Cook for all her hard work and dedication that keep the wheels turning at CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, Inc.

Beaverton, OR, June 09, 2013 --( A headline that reads “Celebrates 25 Years” immediately instills the image of a middle aged business man in a white shirt and tie accepting a commemorative plaque from a younger executive who stands at a podium that hides most of his identical white shirt and tie from the view of the audience. Wipe that picture from your mind because the essential member of the CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, Inc. team who is celebrating 25 years is a woman, a woman with expertise, a strong work ethic, perseverance, and just the right amount of spunkiness.

Katie Cook is a powerful, competent woman who for the past 25 years has provided the behind the scenes structure supporting this successful realty company. Phil Wright, the creator of CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, Inc., shook his head when asked about Katie. Behind his engaging grin, he said, “I just don’t know what we would have done without her.”

Katie began her career at CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, Inc. while she was working for a temp agency in 1988. The agency called to send her to an interview one morning when she happened to be in Beaverton visiting with a friend. Katie wanted to impress this potential employer so she drove home to Vancouver, despite a torrential downpour, to change into business attire. She returned to Beaverton to meet Phil by 1:00 pm. First Katie met with the agency’s current principal broker who gave a tentative nod of approval and sent her on to Phil. After he had conducted a thorough interview, he sent Katie to the company CPA for yet another interview. Katie remembers the entire day of evaluation ending at around 6:00 pm. Katie was offered the job. She accepted and an unbreakable bond was forged.

Katie has kept the CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, Inc. family together through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, and ‘til death do us part. During these same years, she has been an exemplary mother to a son with deafness and a step daughter who are almost the same age. When asked about her children, she laughs and mentions the teen years. “You can imagine the interesting times we had with two kids experiencing sixteen year old hormones at the same time?” Four years ago, after a valiant fight, Katie’s husband of twenty years succumbed to lung cancer. Today, she is thrilled to report her engagement to Johnny who she believes was deliberately placed in her life. They will celebrate an “Elvis Wedding” in Las Vegas in November of this year.

Katie has provided bookkeeping services and kept the entire team lined out through it all. “All”includes (but much like the name of the Scottish play in live theater for a realty company does not mention aloud) the lean years from 2007 to 2012. Personal and professional challenges have only served to enhance the character of this gracious woman. Katie says, “We are given challenges and surprises that we could never guess. And that’s what keeps us goin’!” With the benefit of Katie’s expertise and service commitment to clients, CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, Inc. is a leading realty company in the greater Portland area.

Jesse Poll
CENTURY 21 Wright & Associates, INC
Jesse Poll