RareMineTech Consider Additional Funding from Down Under

RareMineTech is approached from yet another Australian-led venture capital group wanting to provide the mining company the capital funding for an Initial Public Offering.

Aiguo Po, China, June 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- RareMineTech, the mining company based in China, have already completed the initial process of realizing all their growth development strategies. As a result the financial start-up plans that they have executed so effectively has elevated them to a level whereby they are now regarded as one of the first successful multinational companies operating in China that mine rare earth metals on a quantifiable scale; showing therefore that it is possible to meet the ever increasing global demands for such commodity-based resource materials.

This has obviously attracted big financial groups, who not only realize the lucrative nature of this industry, but recognize the importance of a well-planned and executed start-up business plan. If a company shows a commitment to a belief in a particular product or service and, with the necessary funding and a management team with the capabilities to see it through the first round of funding successfully, then there will be venture capital researchers and analysts who would be extremely keen to team up with such companies that show perfect results like those produced by RareMineTech.

“As the product develops, so too does confidence amongst those speculators who choose to invest their interests in start-up companies like ours. Furthermore, as the whole project produces positive results, it demonstrates that those who provided the start up and initial operational capital funding necessary for that period, have increased the worth of their original stake. As a result they are safely in line for sizable returns on investment,” said the Operations Manager at RareMineTech.

“RareMineTech has required assistance on two previous occasions with their mining project from Venture Capital Firms. Having initially being funded with $92m in 2008 from the investment capital coffers of an investment firm, they then went on to raise a further $78.3m from mid-long term investors by the sale of shares to a consortium of well sourced private equity Investors, which bank-rolled them until completion of its two year construction period. Anyone with a vested interest now stands to reap massive returns for their shares in RareMineTech.

“The success we predict for this project will be evident by the expediency in which the capital can be raised for the third and final stage of this project. This round of funding will be raised by a venture capital group via the sale of further shares in "Rare Mine Tech."

“We are being courted by an Australian company who, given the opportunity, expect to raise in excess of $116m by offering pre-IPO shares to their base of clients: All with a view to going to the Initial Public Offering in the next 8-12 months on one of Asia’s major stock exchanges,” said Mr Timxi Chang, President of RareMineTech.
Timxi Chang