Jungle Jumps Offers Tips for Reviewing Inflatable Safety Information with Attendees

Pacoima, CA, June 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- As a responsible renter of jump houses, it is so critical that you take the time to review with your event host the commercial inflatable safety procedures for your bounce house equipment prior to leaving the premises. Ensuring the set up is done in a thorough manner is only half of the battle. Once you leave it is up to the event attendees to follow the commercial inflatable safety guidelines for the equipment, minimizing any chance of injury.

A good rule of thumb is to create a checklist of these commercial inflatable operating rules for both yourself and your customers. On–site the day of the event you can take out this checklist and review each item with the customer, having them initial that they understand these critical bounce house rules. Leave a copy of these rules with the host. You may also want to post them on your bounce house equipment for all attendees to quickly refer to.

Some critical commercial inflatable rules to follow when it comes to bounce house safety include:

Children under twelve must be supervised by an adult at all times when they are in the commercial bounce house.
Depending on the size of the commercial inflatable product, there should be a limitation on the number of people in the bounce house at any time. A good rule of thumb is six to eight children in a 13x13 bounce house.
No food, drink or sharp objects allowed inside the bounce house.
Flips, somersaults and tumbling are not permitted in the bounce house.
Do not jump from the top of the inflatable slide.
Do not go behind the bounce house or in any other restricted areas. On this point it is important that you designate areas that are restricted from guests. You can do this through signage or orange cones.
No shoes, glasses or jewelry are allowed in the commercial bouncer.

You will also want to make the host aware of your safety policies regarding inclement weather and how they should proceed if it begins to rain, or if the wind begins to pick up.

While you can never be 100% certain of what will go on when you drop off your commercial grade inflatable and leave the premises, you can know that the event attendees are made aware (and have signed off on) all of the important safety rules pertaining to your commercial bouncers. This will protect your products, your commercial bounce house business, and ultimately the inflatable industry as a whole.
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Stephanie Baldwin