World Leader in Intercompany Netting Software Experiences Best Ever Quarterly Sales

Sales to new clients for the last quarter were the best ever experienced by Coprocess. Andrew Goldie, the company’s Managing Director is quoted and gives sales growth figures, the reasons for the increase and some product details to explain the cost saving impact for corporate clients. Client testimonials and case studies can be found on the new Coprocess website at

Geneva, Switzerland, June 17, 2013 --( Sales to new clients for the last quarter were the best ever experienced by Coprocess. Andrew Goldie, the company’s Managing Director said, “If this rate were to be replicated over the rest of the year we would achieve double our sales target for 2013.”

“It just shows,” continues Andrew, “that companies continue to push forward, to improve efficiency, cut costs and become a more responsive organisation. We are not sure if this is because of the business environment or in spite of it but demand for our services has never been higher.”

Andrew was speaking from the Geneva headquarters where Coprocess has been producing netting, reconciliation and centralised vendor payments software for more than 20 years.

“Our system offers some unique features not readily available in alternative software. These can be built into a solution which will resolve many common intercompany problems such as invoice mismatches and non-payment of bills,” explains Andrew, “as well as make substantial cost savings.”

The Coprocess system can also reduce the processing cost of an invoice by a large percentage, all this and the usual netting benefits, reducing FX exposure, streamlining the payment process and increasing visibility. Subsidiaries of companies need this system, Treasury benefits greatly from the certainty of the flows now visible at the Netting Centre from every corner of the Group. Accounts see big improvements in month end closing, Audit and the CFO see improvements in the accuracy of the P&L and Balance Sheet.

“It is clear that more and more companies are opting for our specialist software,” continues Andrew.

A spokesperson for the company explained, “Coprocess has largely grown by word of mouth recommendation so it is wonderful to see that process continues, companies see the benefits of netting and tell others. All this is ahead of the release of our new website which features many success stories from existing clients, presentations from various workshops, case studies and client testimonials, which we really believe will increase take-up of the system.”

The site is packed with useful information to allow your company to assess savings, see where efficiencies in intercompany settlement could be made and help fix many intercompany settlement problems.

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