Minnesota Cryostorage Center Renews New York State Provisional Tissue Bank License

ReproTech, LTD’s Minnesota cryostorage center has renewed its New York State Department of Health Provisional License for Tissue Bank Operation.

St. Paul, MN, June 22, 2013 --(PR.com)-- ReproTech’s Minnesota cryostorage center is approved as a Tissue Bank for the storage of human reproductive tissues, as well as for comprehensive tissue procurement for its embryo donation program. ReproTech’s additional cryostorage centers in Nevada and Texas also hold New York State Provisional Licenses, and its Florida center holds the full license.

Licensure is an intensive process, and is required for all tissue banking activities in New York, including collection, processing, storage, and distribution, as well as any tissue bank distributing tissues in New York. Holders of a New York State license follow regulations to ensure safe and ethical handling of tissues. Through a comprehensive on-site survey process, facilities are assessed for acceptable standards of practice. Enforcement action is initiated as appropriate.

More than 1000 entities are licensed to operate tissue banks and non-transplant anatomic banks in New York State. The Blood and Tissue Resources Program oversees all human tissue banking activities and services provided in New York State, from donor solicitation to clinical use. The first comprehensive oversight program for tissue banks in the country, the tissue bank regulatory program has served as a model for development of national and other state oversight programs. For additional information, please visit www.wadsworth.org.

ReproTech, LTD (RTL), established in 1990, provides safe and efficient long-term storage and transportation of cryopreserved sperm, oocytes, embryos and ovarian and testicular tissue. Additionally, ReproTech manages an embryo donation program and provides consulting services to reproductive centers. ReproTech, LTD maintains cryostorage centers in Minnesota, Florida, Nevada and Texas. For more information please visit www.reprotech.com or call 888-489-8944.
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Joy Bader