The Scott - Michaels Grouo Launches Digital Daily Newspaper

The Scott - Michaels Group in association with World Guide Publishing delivers first issues of The Scott - Michaels Report.

New York, NY, June 26, 2013 --( The Scott - Michaels Group launched its first issue trial issue of "The Scott - Michaels Report. Global Financial News." today in association with World Guide Publishing. The daily online newspaper syndicates columnists from around the global from the most well respected journalists in the business.

Co-founder William (Bill) Scott describes this daily paper as a test run for making a publication covering the financial, real estate, and, investing industries, and, hopes a large enough following will develop to justify a printed edition of the publication. "What sets us apart," said Scott "is the fact that we have some rather unique things in our report that you won't find in other publications such as investing information for Thoroughbred race horse enthusiasts. Many people don't realize there is actually money to be made in the equine industry and, this is one way to introduce them to this growing investment field."

World Guide Publishing Founder and CEO, T.R. (Tina) Threston, is said to be very happy to have acquired the publishing contract for "The Scott - Michaels Report. Global Financial News" and explains that "it is a way for World Guide Publishing to become known outside the travel publishing industry which is our current niche." Threston continued to say that "it is an honor to be working with both Andrew Michaels and William Scott, and, we're certain this partnering will be mutually beneficial."

Andrew Michaels, Co-Founder of The Scott - Michaels Group explained that he is very excited about expanding the company and, has gladly accepted the challenge of being the publication's Editor in Chief. "I'm looking forward to bringing all the elements of our publication together, and, delivering both quality information along with sound investing advice to our readers."

The Scott - Michaels Group is a financial services corporation with offices in New York City and London. It is a privately held company with over 100 employees world-wide.
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