Uniastrum Teams Up with iGlobe.ru and VISA to Launch VISA Travel Card

The Bank is marking the start of the summer holiday season with its new universal VISA Travel Card.

Moscow, Russia, June 29, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Whenever they pay for goods and services, holders of a Uniastrum Visa Travel Card automatically earn bonus miles which they can exchange any time on the iGlobe.ru website for a bonus airline ticket, book hotel accommodation, a car or transfer. At iGlobe.ru customers can chose from more than 380 airlines and over 200,000 hotels worldwide. Uniastrum awards up to 1.5 miles for every Rb 30 spent.

The launch of Uniastrum‘s new product coincides with a special promo, with the Bank awarding up to 6,000 travel miles to anyone using his or her VISA Travel Card on purchases totaling Rb 20,000 using a Visa Classic card, Rb 30,000 with a Visa Gold card, and Rb 40,000 with a Visa Platinum card before year-end 2013.

Under the new product deal, customers can apply for a Uniastrum credit or debit card. The Visa Travel Card retains all the benefits of Uniastrum’s other cards, including generous interest earnings on the cardholder’s balance, free insurance of up to 100,000 euros for travel abroad, an opportunity to open a card account in rubles, euros or US dollars, an interest-free grace period, and free access to Uniastrum’s state-of-the-art Internet banking services.

“The best thing about the Visa Travel Card is that it’s a universal payment instrument,” says Susanna Uzunyan, head of Uniastrum’s Retail Product Design and Development Division. “The card combines all the benefits of our standard products, yet at the same time it’s an invaluable asset for anyone travelling. With a Visa Travel Card, our customers can take advantage of a whole range of fantastic deals on airline tickets, hotels and other services, while earning bonus miles into the bargain.”

Vladimir Bredikhin, Managing Director of Braddy S.A. (iGlobe.ru): “We’re naturally excited about the launch of Uniastrum’s Visa Travel Card, which we helped the Bank to design and develop, not least because it allows holders to earn travel miles on a whole range of purchases. One of the program’s conspicuous benefits is that it awards bonus flights on most of the world’s airlines, not to mention the fact that the accumulated miles can be used to book any one of 200,000 hotels, as well as any other of the many services available via the iGlobe.ru site.”
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Kseniya Chernisheva
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