RackHigh Builds Out New Firewall Service with Software Defined Network Architecture

Saudi Arabia Cloud Pioneer Expands Options for Protecting Infrastructure in the Cloud.

Makkah, Saudi Arabia, July 01, 2013 --(PR.com)-- RackHigh, a leading cloud infrastructure company in Saudi Arabia, today announced another extension to its software-defined networking (SDN) architecture with the availability of its new Firewall Services. With SDN, networking is no longer tied to a specific proprietary device, but is integrated via software. RackHigh has adopted this architecture for product offerings starting with Dynamic Load Balancers, introduced in May of this year, and now with its Firewall Service.

With this new service, customers can leverage a low-cost, highly available solution built for the cloud to protect their infrastructure from intrusions without having to manage the firewall on a host or through third-party applications. In RackHigh's SDN architecture, management is centralized while activities are distributed. This design allows for greater resiliency, resulting in a Firewall Service that customers can manage programmatically via RackHigh's management console or a public Restful API. The new Firewall Service is available free to all customers.

"In moving to the cloud, businesses need a reliable and immediate means to secure their cloud instances," said Michael Suby, Stratecast VP of Research at Frost & Sullivan. "The addition of built-in firewall capabilities with RackHigh's cloud infrastructure crosses another checkbox in cloud readiness."

The new elastic, self-healing Firewall Service lets users organize inbound and outbound security policies that regulate traffic for particular services, ports, and addresses. Users can also define a global Security Group once and it will automatically be available in all data centers, providing a consistent experience and making a distributed infrastructure more efficient.

"RackHigh's Firewall Service is a great addition to its cloud platform, providing a core level of security out-of-the-box that's a huge benefit to customers that depend on a highly available website," said Jason Forrest, VP Cloud Services at BEAR Data Solutions. "Features like global Security Groups make it easy to set up security in the cloud, and the fact that the service is free is just icing on the cake."

Like its Dynamic Load Balancer, the new Firewall Service integrates seamlessly with other RackHigh services, providing a flexible, robust infrastructure-as-a-service environment for customers. RackHigh develops its products and services in-house, which means the Firewall Service will continue to improve and evolve through our agile software development cycle.

Pricing and Availability
RackHigh's Firewall Service will be available on April 11, 2013. The service is free to all customers. For more information on the new cloud Firewall Service and managed firewall options.

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