New Book Reveals the Stars’ Mechanisms of Procreation, Matter Creation, Gravitational Flow and Time Dilation

Trinity, FL, July 05, 2013 --( Author Dimiter Bayramov explores key physics experiments, the Theory of Relativity, planetary, stellar, and cosmic patterns in his new book – "Mechanics of Natural Force - Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity" to create the atheist’s Bible - linking scientific theory to Biblical scripture.

The book is available at the book web site - and on Amazon.

"The Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity" investigates the stars’ energy logistics. By revealing the stars’ energy source and energy storage methods, Bayramov deduces the mechanics and purpose of matter, gravity, the nuclear forces and electromagnetism, offering mechanical interpretation for nature’s forces.

The fundamental principle in the "Flow Theory of Matter and Gravity" is summarized by a quote of the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus (501 B.C.) - "Everything flows, nothing stands still", including gravity and matter.

Grady Harp says “Reading Dimiter M. Bayramov challenges the reader to re-think the Universe and in doing so he provides a panorama of hope for the future. He is a wise man holding a little candle. Digesting this book will alter the way you perceive history - and future. It is a weighty journey, but one very much worth taking.”

Bayramov unveils the universal gravitational flow as the root cause for gravity and the gravitational red shift and lensing effects, confirmed in the 1919 Solar Eclipse test of General Relativity. The Flow Theory models of gravity and matter gain confirmation in the discussion on time and matter, where Bayramov re-analyzes the concept of time and derives new probability equations for calculating gravitational and kinematic time dilation. A complementary theory about stellar evolution - the Star Procreation Theory shows how Super-Nova stellar eruptions create and put into motion the planets, explaining the root cause for the Titius-Bode Law of planetary orbital patterns, which is something of an enigma in Sir Isaac Newton's Universal Theory of Gravitation. The Star Procreation Theory outlines the very slow evolution of the terrestrial planets into gas giant planets, luminous stars and black holes to end their life in a gamma-ray explosion.

Interested readers can find the book – “Mechanics of Natural Force” at the book web site - and on Amazon.

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Dimiter Bayramov
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