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Ozeal's New Definition of Prescription Glasses for the Travel Season

Ozeal has launched a travel-themed activity to save its customers from a dilemma: whether to take on vacation, a pair of dull yet safe prescription glasses or convenient yet unsafe contact lenses.

London, United Kingdom, July 08, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ozeal glasses have been promoting a travel-themed activity for this summer travel season since July 3, 2013: customers save money buying prescription glasses online for their vacation. This London-based online prescription glasses shop of prescription glasses brings a new concept during this tourist season. How does it define the relationship between prescription glasses and travel?

The high price of prescription glasses is quite daunting, especially during the expensive travel season. So Ozeal, a prescription glasses shop that always commits to providing superior prescription glasses at a minimum price and promoting fashionable prescription glasses, launches three series of prescription glasses for tourists during the hot travel season. The low price of these glasses will help tourists save money.

These three series of prescription glasses are here to tune in with a travel route: Britain – France – America. Wear the classic black glasses from Ozeal to match a tasteful and gentle Britain, the Baroque inspired glasses to dance with the romantic French, and the classy tortoiseshell glasses to make friends with independent and free America.

Ozeal Prescription Glasses in Britain
Boasting cultural deposits and historical sites, Britain will sincerely welcome the tourist with a pair of classic black Ozeal glasses. Black, a color full of elegance, sophistication and confidence, is inferior to none as a color to describe Britain. So Ozeal picks the classic black frame for a UK tour.

Ozeal Prescription Glasses in France
France - Romantic and cutting-edge. The ingenious Eiffel Tower and delicious Macaron are always known to catch tourists’ eyes. Fashion Week in Paris shocks the fashion world each year; this year is no exception. And the baroque style takes luxury to the extreme in a France tour.

Ozeal Prescription Glasses in America
Ozeal also prepares a collection of prescription glasses when its customers set foot on the free and independent land: America. The high streets of Washington, the lavishing Las Vegas or the romantic Hawaii, all command a pair of fashion-savvy glasses. The classy tortoiseshell glasses mix classic design and fashionable tortoiseshell material to make a US tour fun.
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