ALI-ABA Teams with Internet Research Experts to Launch an Internet Fact Finding for Lawyers Newsletter

Publication Based on Levitt & Rosch’s Best-Selling Book; First issue is free online.

Los Angeles, CA, August 29, 2007 --( ALI-ABA has teamed with Internet research experts Carole Levitt, JD, MLS, and Mark Rosch to create a new periodical devoted to helping lawyers locate information they need on the Internet. “Internet Fact Finding For Lawyers” highlights free and low-cost resources available on the Internet where legal professionals can find info integral to their cases. It includes sites that are useful for investigations, depositions, and trial prep, as well as company and medical research, gathering competitive intelligence, finding expert witnesses, and fact checking of all kinds. As an added bonus, the 4 color newsletter also will include legal tech Web sites, legal research Web sites, search engines, public records, and various tech tips. Each site is presented in a template that allows readers to quickly determine what useful information a site contains, the best ways to extract that information, any idiosyncrasies a site may have, and whether the site is free, requires registration, or is fee-based. The format is based on the authors’ book, “The Lawyer’s Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet” (2006 A.B.A.).

“Attorneys are fact finders, not just legal researchers. They often need to find that one fact to make or break a case or help complete a transactional matter,” said Levitt. “Case in point, in a number of recent decisions judges are telling attorneys that they have a duty to Google as part of their due diligence procedure.”

“Our goal for the newsletter is to help readers learn how to get the accurate information they need on the Internet—fast, and to save money by avoiding unnecessary pay sites,” added Rosch. “We specifically choose sites for their usefulness to legal professionals.”

“Carole and Mark make it easy for legal professionals to stay on top of Web sites that are important to their practices regardless of their technical prowess,” said Mark T. Carroll, Director of ALI-ABA’s Office of Electronic and Print Publications. “It’s the clear, simple language they use in their books and live CLE seminars that led us to develop this new newsletter with them.”

The first issue of “Internet Fact Finding For Lawyers” is available now, and can be viewed online for free. One-year (six issues) subscriptions are $149. Initial Charter Subscriptions (seven issues) are available in the introductory year for only $99. Individual issues may be purchased for $25. See for details.

About The Authors: Carole Levitt and Mark Rosch are nationally recognized authors and speakers on the subject of using the Internet effectively for research and marketing. They are principals of Internet For Lawyers (, a CLE seminar company. Carole and Mark co-authored “The Lawyer’s Guide to Fact Finding on the Internet”, 3rd edition (2006 A.B.A.), “The Cybersleuth’s Guide to the Internet”, 8th edition (2007 IFL Press), and numerous articles.

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