News Rocks for Windows Phone 8 – The Green News Application

Flat Rock Technology has developed one of a kind news application for Windows Phone 8 supporting the green agenda and offering aggregated news for every taste everywhere and anytime.

London, United Kingdom, July 10, 2013 --( To be up-to-date with the latest tendencies in the mobile world, including the realm of mobile applications for the ever growing mobile market, Flat Rock introduced its newest portfolio addition – the amazing Windows Phone 8 News Rocks application.

The News Rocks application is completely free and can be downloaded from the Windows App Store. More information about it can also be found at

News Rocks has been developed with a long-term view to make information accessible to everyone regardless of location and language. Thus, at the launch of the application, it has the option to select feeds and read them not only in English but in German as well. The next versions of the application are planned to feature even more languages.

In addition, it supports the green idea to limit the use of trees for paper and rely more on digital media to stay informed on a daily basis without losing the vintage feel. The design is focused on warm colours and textures but at the same time is contemporary and stylish.

The application comprises a selection of hundreds of feeds containing the latest and most updated information available online. The feeds are divided in 12 main categories featuring technology, health, lifestyle, science, politics and more. There are numerous subcategories to choose from as well, each with an abundant choice of relevant and high quality feeds.

The application offers a preset collection of feeds to get you started. However, each user is able to create their very own collection with the feeds they want to follow only, name it and add it to the tabs section for quick access.

Each feed features its separate articles in pleasing to the eye colourful tiles showing the main image and the headline in a neat and attractive way. The application allows the user to scroll further and find even more articles in each feed. After selection, each article can be read online or offline, saved as a favourite for later browsing or shared in the social networks.

The application is developed with Hydrogen CMS backend for easy administration and maintenance. It makes the addition of new feeds extremely quick and facile, thus providing frequent updates and removal of outdated information very efficient. The effect in the front end is instant.

“News Rocks is an exciting venture to prove that information should be freely available to anyone. The in-house development of the project allowed us to focus not only on quality and results but on team spirit as well and deliver a product that makes us proud and shows that we have much more in store for the community,” shared Milena Kostadinova, Flat Rock Head of Sales & Marketing. “However, we are stopping neither at this version, nor only on this platform. We plan to enhance News Rocks very soon and make it available for Android and iPhone, too.”

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