White Nights Conference Through the Eyes of Renatus Team

The White Nights: Mobile Games Conference being over, the team of Renatus is ready to present a short account of three wonderful days spent in Saint Petersburg.

Palo Alto, CA, July 12, 2013 --(PR.com)-- You know that the White Nights gaming event was held on June 27-28, but it all started a little earlier for those who couldn't wait any longer. A networking party was held on the eve of the conference. Informal easy-going atmosphere, tasty snacks and refreshing drinks favoured communication and establishing of business ties. Nice impressions were intensified by breath-taking sceneries of white nights, night Northern Palmyra, the Neva River and drawbridges that were admired by all party guests from the boat.

Global coverage and high-level organization of White Nights events has already become a tradition. The speakers of this summer gaming event were represented by such world-famous names in game developing and publishing industries as Google, Facebook and Microsoft, Supercell, Big Fish, Rovio and i-Free. And as for the analytics platforms, all conference quests were given a chance to grab a piece of experience from App Annie, Distimo and Flurry.

For Renatus team (http://renatus.com), the second day of White Nights was marked by the speech of Darya Lopatko on “How To Monetize Non-Paying Players: Case Studies.” Based on the subject of game audience segmenting and backed up with expressive slides, the report had tips and advice on how to segment the audience, why each segment is important and what profit may be gained from proper approach to each segment.

Here are some of them:
- don't show ads on first entering of user into the game;
- don't show ads in the course of playing;
- click-to-install of in-app banner ads may be 5-7 times more than that of banner ads placed inside other apps.

Enjoy the video of speech: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Re3NwoYvPuM
Check the presentation here: http://www.slideshare.net/renatusinvest/ss-23776071

All in all, Renatus team had more than 30 meetings with different professionals, both from game developing and publishing companies. Luckily, the conference was very fruitful and rich in new useful contacts and impressions.
Alisa Levchenko
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