Independence Title, Inc. Founder and CEO Kevin Tacher Speaks About Wholesaling Real Estate

Always with an eye on real estate tips and trends Kevin Tacher, Founder and CEO of Fort Lauderdale, Florida’s Independence Title, Inc. recently spoke about wholesaling real estate in today’s marketplace.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, July 12, 2013 --( “For a person who stays in the game and is always looking for potential properties and people to invest in them, wholesaling is a great way to build capital fast,” said Tacher.

Tacher answers the question, “So, what exactly is wholesale real estate?” He explains that a wholesaler is a person with little capital of their own to invest who finds distressed properties, puts them under contract and resells the property to an investor. The investor typically uses cash, lines of credit or hard money loans to buy the property in a timely way. This allows quick closings on properties that need extensive repairs as both the wholesaler and the investor understand that a good price overcomes all objections. “Investors usually aren’t concerned about what’s wrong with a property if the price is right,” said Tacher. “To that end a good wholesaler focuses on finding deals and bolstering their network of investors to sell them to.”

Interestingly, wholesale real estate requires ambition and specialized knowledge but no real estate license. “A license isn’t required to buy or sell any property that one has an interest in. Here’s the advantageous loophole - that interest can be a contractual interest which means you only need to have the property under contract,” added Tacher. The Independence Title, Inc. business owner goes on to explain that the wholesaler is the middle man who should, under normal circumstances, not ever actually buy a property themselves. Instead, they should put properties under contract with a contingency and focus on selling the property quickly for an increased sales price to an investor. “This is normally the way a wholesaler approaches a deal, if they’re not able to sell the property before they’re expected to close then they use their contingency and walk away from the contract,” said Tacher.

Despite the hardship found in the housing market in recent years wholesale real estate deals can often be turned around in a matter of days if indeed the deal under contract is good enough. For instance, if the wholesaler has a contract for $75,000 and an investor buyer for the property at $80,000. In a matter of days the wholesaler has made $5,000 with nominal work involved.

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