American Conglomerate Enters Into a Strategic Partnership with Mumbai Based Aquakraft Projects

Bethesda, MD, July 15, 2013 --( The Sandi Group (TSG), USA today announced a strategic partnership with a Mumbai based Water Solutions company, Aquakraft Projects Pvt Ltd. The scope of the partnership is multifold across Innovation, R&D, Technology & Capital.

TSG is a global, multi-disciplined private company providing turnkey, design, real estate development, fully managed construction services, security, aviation, logistics and life support. TSG works with many U.S. and foreign government agencies, multi-national and regional corporations, NGO's and media organizations. From Asia Pacific to Africa and the Middle East, TSG has successfully provided infrastructure improvement and modernization, financing, information, training and the technology, which benefit local economies and aspirations.

“The urgent need for water purification and treatment facilities presents The Sandi Group with an immense opportunity and it has been our policy to identify technologies and partners across the world, integrating them to create robust and sustainable solutions. Our partnership with Aquakraft is very significant, as they have successfully incubated a green technology to purify water,” said Dr. Rubar Sandi, Chairman & CEO, The Sandi Group.

“We have chosen a clear path of offering Clean Drinking Water Solutions to Rural India. The striking feature of our technology is that it requires very limited power or no power, which is one of the critical components of sustainable water treatment solutions. Unlike Reverse Osmosis, we do not waste any water and treat 100% of the water and also there is no sludge. We address a wide range of contaminant profile from Fluoride, Arsenic, Iron, and nitrates. This makes our approach completely clean & green, environment friendly and sustainable too. We have set up a captive R&D unit within us to continuously innovate and optimize existing technologies from a cost and efficiency standpoint. We are very privileged to have been chosen by The Sandi Group as their strategic partner and this is a strong vindication of our vision and conviction,” said Subramanya Kusnur, Founder Chairman & CEO.

Aquakraft Projects Pvt. Ltd., has a strategic and technology partnership with Aqueous Solutions LLC, USA that holds the Intellectual Property of the water treatment technology. Over 1500 systems have been implemented in USA, Canada, Mexico & India under this IP and have received the NSF certification and World Water Quality seal. Dr. Timothy J Badger, Founder of Aqueous Solutions LLC and the Inventor of the IP, has travelled extensively across rural India alongside Subramanya and understands the water related issues in India very deeply.

“The sheer conviction and the tenacity with which Subramanya has pursued his vision was a clear differentiating factor for us to partner with Aquakraft. This is amply demonstrated by the fact that he quit a lucrative professional career and turned a social entrepreneur,” said Mr. Surendra Sharma, Senior Advisor, The Sandi Group. “The access to capital for social entrepreneurs is quite limited and often the innovation does not go beyond one’s mind. Hence we are supporting Aquakraft through a wider horizon through a strategic partnership not just restricting to capital,” he added.

“We see a powerful next generation social entrepreneur in Subramanya who has a comprehensive vision not confining only to technology but the entire ecosystem of water. His focused approach of addressing Arsenic contamination in the North East and Fluoride in the Western & Southern parts of India makes it a very impact oriented viable strategy, both economically and operationally. It will be our strong endeavor to give vent to his vision not only in India but the world across,” commented Dr. Sandi.

“Under the partnership with The Sandi Group, interalia others, we would be focusing quite a lot on R&D / Innovation, led by Dr. Timothy Badger, by identifying global innovations in water, test bedding and evaluating the feasibility of taking them to market. The vision, strong leadership, financial expertise, advanced technical and management skills, and a network of seasoned professionals of The Sandi Group gives us a global leverage in geographies where they have a significant presence,” added Mr. Subramanya.

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