Jaha Knight Introduces "39 Days to Your New Lifescape; Be a Better You"

Jaha Knight is releasing her debut book "39 Days to Your New Lifescape; Be a Better You" on July 30, 2013, just in time for summer reading.

Atlanta, GA, July 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The book contains a series of challenges that promote creating a life of purpose through personal development, business and self-fulfillment. The workbook of activities for readers correspond with each new day, encouraging them to push at the boundaries they’ve set in their lives to make changes that fulfill them personally and professionally.

Jaha is a blogger and the host of a self-improvement podcast called "Crafting Your Ideal Lifescape". On both platforms, she creates a dialogue with women who are working towards living in their new lifescapes and empowering other women to do that same. She uses the principles from the book on those platforms.

She said, “I have already completed a lot of the exercises in the book and through the process, I embraced myself, grew as a person, removed things from my life that were outdated and served little purpose.”

Jaha is a spokesperson for women who are not living their happiest and most fulfilled lives. Her recipe for success is predicated by five key things: passion, talent, commitment, self-discipline and faith; principles she hones into a 39 day practice. It isn’t an easy task, but throughout, she cheers readers on in the book by encouraging them to make success a priority.

The book can be purchased on Amazon. More information from Jaha Knight can be found on www.jahaknight.com.

About the Author: Jaha Knight is a blogger, author, life and business coach. In short, she is a Soulphisticated(TM) Lady who believes in teaching women how to live a life of purpose. Her new book, "39 Days to Your New Lifescape" will hit Kindle’s virtual shelves on July 30, 2013.

She blogs at www.jahaknight.com.

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