WALP is Deepening Its Partnerships

A group of globally-minded legal experts that cooperated to form West African Legal Projects, or WALP, is deepening its partnerships with companies prospering in the Central and Eastern European region in order to develop successful, long-term projects in the sub-region of West Africa.

Bissau, Guinea-Bissau, July 19, 2013 --(PR.com)-- A WALP spokesperson said: "The cooperation we are looking to establish is not sector-specific. Rather, our relations are quite diversified and we plan to cooperate in several countries and market segments within West Africa."

Attorneys involved in the ambitious WALP venture will be studying the West African consumer market in detail in order to understand the exact distribution of the sub-region's purchasing power and specific demographic information unique to the sub-region.

WALP successfully launched its economic and legal assessments and research in this ancient, historical global region in order to help West African countries develop strong economies and legal systems that will, ultimately, improve the lives of all West African residents and fuel additional development throughout the entire continent of Africa.

"Our plans have always included developing and nurturing relationships with Central and Eastern European companies that are interested in becoming involved in extended endeavors intended to improve legal and economic affairs in the region of West Africa," the WALP spokesperson said.

West Africa has long suffered through intense droughts which caused widespread food shortages. In the 1990s, the sub-region was hit hard by the epidemic of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). However, in a shining example of the tenacity and determination of the people of West Africa, the economy in this region grew by a whopping 6.9 percent in 2012, more than twice the rate of economic growth in any other country on the planet.

The global cooperative efforts of WALP and its partner companies will benefit a number of West African countries that are ripe for economic growth and legal expansion.

Traditionally, important elements of West African culture were not readily shared with outsiders. But West Africa, a land of magical contrasts bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the west and south, the Sahara Desert on the north, and, to some dispute, the Chad River on the east, has seen much change throughout the ages and the age of colonization encouraged the West African population to be more open to communication and trade with businesses and countries outside of the sub-region and even outside of the huge continent of Africa itself.

The new cooperative with Central and Eastern European countries and interests, anchored and fueled by WALP, will open up this important and vital global sub-region even more, offering West Africans business, economic, and legal opportunities that never before existed.

The WALP spokesperson said: "We respect this important global region, and we are excited to work with various Central and Eastern European interests to strengthen and develop West Africa's legal and economic industries that are now coming into their own. We hope to be, and are proud to be, part of this growth."
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