E Works Consulting, Inc. Announces New Training and Accountability Program That Combats Identity Theft at Little to No Cost to Companies

San Luis Obispo, CA, August 31, 2007 --(PR.com)-- E Works Consulting, Inc. announced today that they will be launching multiple campaigns and training procedures to assist in educating businesses and their employees on identity theft practices - as well as how to better protect themselves and comply with federal laws – all at little to no cost to companies.

Legislative acts, regarding data and identity protection, affect every business in America – yet EWC believes most businesses are leaving themselves unnecessarily vulnerable or they’re simply not aware how simple it can be to better protect themselves. “Every business needs a plan on complying with regulations regarding the handling of non-public customer and employee information. We’re just helping with the process while keeping both employees and employers informed” said Eric Brisgel, EWC’s Chief Executive.

In the past few years, information breaches have occurred at many of the worlds top companies – thereby fueling legislation for other large organizations all the way down to small and even home-based businesses.
“Generally speaking, one should assume his or her information is not safe at all times. Identity thieves are not just hackers but often insiders working for companies that don’t have protection plans in-place. This leaves opportunity for identity thieves – to the point where they will often simultaneously attack the same identity over and over. This leaves a wake of damages and ultimately frustration for the victim who spends the next several years (estimated 600 hours of time) and thousands of dollars in fees reclaiming his or her life,” Brisgel notes.

With over 10 million reported cases of Identity Theft last year – and roughly 27,000 new cases each day with an expected increase of over 20% moving forward – the legal system will literally be overloaded with cases that’ll add to the frustration of the victims. Brisgel continued “People assume two things: Either it won’t happen to them or if it does happen to them, it’ll be taken care of. But with identity theft covering wide-spanning areas such as credit, drivers licenses, social security, criminal and medical, there are just too many ways for people to be exposed – and therefore they need a little extra education and protection to make sure they’re not among those 10 million (and growing) victims.”

“If you think it’s a nightmare having to clear up an identity theft issue with, say, a credit card, see what happens when your medical insurance is being compromised. Identity Thieves run up all sorts of medical bills under your name – often using up the victim’s entire lifetime of medical benefits – but worse, they introduce medications and medical issues into your medical history that are not pertinent to you. This type of theft is beyond frustrating – it’s actually life threatening,” Brisgel exclaimed.

E Works Consulting, Inc. is a San Louis Obispo, California-based Risk Management firm specializing in reducing the effects of Identity Theft for businesses at little or no cost to the company. Experts in legislative acts such as FACTA, GLB, FAFTA, SOX, HIPPA and many others, EWC’s primary focus on businesses – and their compliance with these acts (fines are up to $1 million and 10 years in prison) – assists business owners and their employees in both the protection of information and that of their customers using a comprehensive training and accountability method developed specifically to combat Identity Theft. For more information call 805-228-4802.

E Works Consulting, Inc.
Eric Brisgel