The USDA Gives SIPP Organic Soda Their Stamp of Approval

SIPP eco beverage co. is announcing their new packaging, label design, and most importantly, official USDA certified stamp.

Philadelphia, PA, July 19, 2013 --( SIPP eco beverage co. has recently enhanced the flavors and improved the label and packaging of their organic soda, featuring an official stamp from the USDA. The beverage company has made a few changes to their products, but has remained loyal to their eco-chic brand.

Along with the USDA stamp, the new packaging includes a taller, more sophisticated bottle as well as a newly designed label. SIPP believes the changes to both the label and the shape of the bottle will attract new customers looking for a top of the line sparkling organic beverage to enjoy either mixed in a cocktail or by itself as a refreshing carbonated drink.

Other changes include the SIPP “Honey Pear” flavor transforming into “Summer Pear," enhancing the pear taste, but keeping the original essence of the flavor. In fact, each of the three delicious flavors of SIPP soda (Mojo Berry, Ginger Blossom, and Summer Pear) have been enhanced so the consumer is able to enjoy each one of the three layers of flavoring in every bottle to the fullest. Each flavor is sweetened lightly with agave nectar, lightly carbonated, gluten free and caffeine free, and is made without artificial flavors or preservatives. A new flavor, Lemon Flower (lemon, elder flower, tarragon) is currently in the works.

“We have been working hard the past couple months to make our brand the best it can be! We think our loyal fans and customers will be very impressed with the new packaging and flavors," said CEO/Founder Beth Parentice. Parentice is the master mixologist behind SIPP and has been dedicated to maintaining a brand for the eco-chic consumer with products that are not only all natural and taste great, but also inspire others to follow their passion as she has.

SIPP is available for nationwide purchase at “Like” SIPP at for more information, updates, and behind the scene photos.

About SIPP eco beverage co.
In late 2009, Beth Parentice set out to create a new soda category, an eco beverage. After many months of mixing,testing and tasting, SIPP debuted on at the NaturalProducts Expo in Boston and unveiled a brand new line of organic sparkling beverages, initially launching with Ginger Blossom, a blend of organic ginger, vanilla and lime. The two flavors to follow were Mojo Berry, an infusion of organic blackberry, mint and lime and Summer Pear, with organic pear, green tea and honey. SIPP’s upscale line of organic sparkling beverages has received celebrity endorsements and awards including Best Beverage of 2010 in Beverage World Magazine. Bottles of SIPP can be found in areas where the consumer is looking for unique, flavorful, and healthier alternatives, such as organic restaurants, cafes, cocktail lounges, and eco-friendly hotels and resorts. SIPP is an eco beverage for positive change and supports many organizations that strive for a sustainable future.
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