Innovation of DanCo Décor Company: Coating with Photochromic Paints

The annual program of new methods of decoration, developed by the specialists of DanCo Décor Company, presents an innovation – coating with photochromic paints.

Kharkiv, Ukraine, July 20, 2013 --( After applying this method, the coating color changes under the influence of external factors – sunlight or ultraviolet radiation. This way of glass bottles decoration offers more opportunities for design solutions because it enables using a wide range of colors and color shades.

According to Sergey Danilov, director of DanCo Décor Company, the advantages of technology are not limited to this opportunity: “Decoration with photochromic paints helps to draw attention to the drinks that are popular in the summer and spring. In the sunlight the coating color changes. This visual effect creates a special atmosphere of joy and easiness. Photochrom decoration can be used for beverages promotion at nightclubs, where the coating color changes under the influence of ultraviolet light. This technology, developed by our company, is applicable for decoration of bottles for drinks of various spirit strength including vodka, low-alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Besides, this method can be used for decoration of glassware and products for HoReCa and Private Lavel segments.”
DanCo Decor Company
Anna Medvedeva