Stauber Drilling Inc. Celebrates 50 Years Installing, Servicing and Drilling Wells in Saskatchewan

Regina, Canada, July 21, 2013 --( Stauber Drilling Inc. has just announced that they have been installing, servicing and drilling wells in Saskatchewan for 50 years. The company began their well and drilling business by drilling wells in Saskatchewan over 50 years ago and has expanded their services over the decades to include environmental drilling, shallow exploration and a number of other services for the community.

Stauber Drilling, Inc. has extensive knowledge and experience in well development. The technicians on the team have the capabilities to install and service wells for both residential and commercial clients. The company has successfully been drilling and developing highly productive water wells by using the latest in industry leading technical equipment. Stauber Drilling, Inc will find the water source and install a well in a timely manner, while minimizing disruption to the daily routines off their clients. The company’s well services include well cleaning, well decommissioning; testing and pump replacement. The skilled team also provides specialized services such as de-watering and construction, installation and the development of monitoring wells.

Stauber Drilling Inc. was formed in 1959 by Harold Stauber, providing water well services to Saskatchewan area farmers and commercial wells for the hog industry. In 1959 Stauber bought his own conventional mud rotary rig and ventured out independently. His company and reputation has left a lasting, positive impression on the Saskatchewan water-well industry. Stauber Drilling, Inc. now offers a variety of services to commercial, residential and industrial businesses. From their start in servicing and drilling wells in Saskatchewan they are happy to announce 50 years of continuous service to the community.

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