Syncdocs Upgrades Google Drive Encryption

New Syncdocs version greatly improves Google Drive privacy

Sydney, Australia, July 24, 2013 --( The great thing about putting files in the cloud is that they are easy to share. The downside is that others might get access to data you want to keep private.

A new version of Syncdocs has just been released which automatically secures Google Drive files. Syncdocs securely encrypts your files before uploading them to Google Drive. This means that no unencrypted data ever leaves your computer. Your files are securely encrypted, and only you have the key.

Files and folders are securely protected in the cloud with military strength AES256 encryption. This is an important criteria for showing due diligence in protecting corporate or customer data stored in the cloud. For healthcare professionals encryption is also an essential for HIPAA compliance for storing patient records. The recent news about the NSA PRISM spying program having access to online data has made encryption an essential tool.

If you do want to share files, you can easily share encrypted files with others who have permission, which you can revoke at any time. You can also partition your folders into secure, private and public sections, with different encryption settings on each. Your encryption keys can be safely backed up, too.

If you’re interested in cloud encryption, grab a free copy of Syncdocs from
Donald Recsei