Blue-J Small Office Cleaning Strikes a Cord in the Charlotte Market

Charlotte, NC, July 25, 2013 --( Janet Schultz of Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning is an up-and-coming woman business owner making waves in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Janet has a long history of entrepreneurialism; however, Blue-J’s inception began in November, 2012 when Janet saw a need in her local community for an environmentally friendly, small office cleaning firm. Although there are cleaning companies in the Greater Charlotte, North Carolina market that list office cleaning in their plethora of services, it is Janet’s firm belief that if something is to be done right, it must be specialized. Born out of this belief, Janet created Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning, a company catering to small office centers/buildings/offices in an effort to bring a specialized service that is as consistent as it is precise- a boutique service. Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning can provide and specializes in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly maintenance office cleanings. Additionally, Blue-J offers detailed rental property cleanings, construction site cleanings (both new construction and remodels) and one-time residential (detailed) cleanings.

Not only does Janet pride herself on her unique business model built on her company’s specialized service, but Blue-J has also set itself apart from the competition through the exclusive use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products. Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning has partnered with a local Cabarrus County, North Carolina company specializing in the manufacturing of environmentally-friendly, biodegradable cleaning goods. This manufacturing company designs a product aimed to reduce the environmental impact so often resulting from the chemical composition of cleaning products. Janet Schultz and her team are proud to be joining in a worldwide effort to preserve natural resources and to encourage other local businesses to join in this cause.

Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning is also proudly located in Historic Downtown Concord, North Carolina. At 51 Union Street South (Suite 209), Blue-J is right in the middle of many thriving local businesses and has exposure to all of the exciting events the community has to offer. Given this prime location, Janet and her marketing team at Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning take full advantage of every networking opportunity and are affiliated with the local Chamber of Commerce and the Downtown Concord Business Group, among others. Janet Schultz loves her community and is always looking for ways that her business can give back to Concord, North Carolina.

Janet Schultz is also a proud supporter of the Autism Research Institute, a non-profit organization supporting the fight to raise awareness for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Although Janet is extremely passionate about her business and prides herself on being an empowered woman entrepreneur, the true driving force behind her recent successes lie in her devotion to the aforementioned cause and her hope to one day, be a significant philanthropic contributor to the Autism Research Institute. Janet knows that given the recent growth of Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning, her business will be the vehicle to see her dream to fruition.

To contact Janet Schultz at Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning for more information about her company’s services and/or for a specialized quote, call 704-589-3148 or email
Blue-J Eco-Friendly Small Office Cleaning
Kathryn Grimsley