World Leader in Intercompany Netting Software Launches New Website

Coprocess launches a new website aimed at the corporate multilateral netting, intercompany reconciliation and centralized vendor payment (payment factory) market

Geneva, Switzerland, July 28, 2013 --( Coprocess is proud to announce a new resource corporations with Intercompany and banks that offer corporate services. The Coprocess website has specialist information covering invoice level netting, intercompany matching and reconciliation and centralised vendor payments (payment factory).

Companies large and small will find information on invoice level netting and reconciliation and types of netting such as payable and receivable driven. It also explains the benefits for FX risk management, counterparty risk, liquidity and cash management in general.

It features a blog, newsletter, events listings and a resource centre allowing corporates to see how other companies have implemented the system and the savings now enjoyed.

Need to solve late payments, invoice mismatches, errors in the consolidation? The Coprocess website outlines solutions to allow invoice level multilateral netting or intercompany netting and invoice level matching and so addresses many intercompany woes. Ditch that spreadsheet! Get a month end reconciliation system and multilateral netting system that is tailored to and developed with many global corporates and banks.

The Coprocess client forum, to be launched shortly, allows the exchange of information concerning all things intercompany settlement related. Available only to Coprocess clients, it allows the sharing of knowledge from some of the most sophisticated Treasury operations of some of the world’s largest companies.

Blog postings, newsletters, events and much of the information is shareable using a variety of social media. Follow Coprocess on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and more and share knowledge with other industry leaders.

The Coprocess website contains hints and tips for building a business case, a savings calculator to assess the level of savings by implementing multilateral netting plus a possible 25% saving on invoice processing costs. The website contains implementation plans to illustrate the steps needed to ensure a smooth implementation.

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