TWPN is Uploading Thousands of Worldwide Properties Each Day to Their Site

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, July 31, 2013 --( The World Property Network, a website that has a platform for users to find the resources needed to plan a move internationally, is uploading thousands of properties to their site daily.

TWPN has launched a new portal that offers real estate listings from around the globe. Each day they are uploading thousands of properties from around the world, offering potential clients the opportunity to browse listings for property in Spain, Germany, the UK, the United States, Portugal, and many other countries. Their listings are updated regularly so users only see relevant listings.

TWPN is a portal that has a new concept. They not only provide property listings in countries around the world, they also feature vendors who provide complementary services. Such services include information on attaining a mortgage in a new country, car hire discounts, hotel discounts, and much more. These are services that those planning international moves often have to take care of on their own. TWPN is providing vendors who are known for their ability to help users with property transactions and relocation.

The goal of TWPN is to make it easier for users to find international properties for the purpose of buying, renting, or investing. It can be a complicated task for someone new to a country, but with the help of TWPN, users can experience success in finding the property they need with much less stress.

About TWPN

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, The World Property Network (TWPN), is the smartest way to search for any type of property. Property searches can be done in every country and in any currency. TWPN has the largest selection of properties and resources from a global community of trusted professionals.

The mission of TWPN is to provide clients with all of the information, resources, and services they need to make the right decision. Traditionally when purchasing property abroad, individuals had to search thousands of real estate websites and wade through old, out of date listings. Then they would be on their own when it came to finding the other services related to relocating or when it came to property transactions. This process was very fragmented and difficult. Instead of having to go alone through the steps of closing, appraisals, relocation, and everything else involved with choosing a property, TWPN has come up with an innovative portal to consolidate all of these steps and make it an easy, smooth transition to buy, rent, and even invest in property globally.

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