Say Goodbye to Rising Cost of Gas, Maddening Traffic Jams and Road Accidents - Forever

TriTrack is a 4-passenger dual mode electric car which uses less energy to move a person than riding a bicycle. It is by far the cleanest, safest and most efficient vehicle on the planet. With virtually zero pollution,TriTrack will revolutionize personal transportation.

Austin, TX, August 01, 2013 --( MaglevTrans has collaborated with Roane Inventions to build the TriTrack. The reason for starting this project is simple: there is no low-cost electrical vehicle on the market that can change the way we move, dramatically saving lives, time, money, energy and make our planet cleaner. Combine airplane aerodynamics and lightweight design, add moving repulsive magnetic fields and advanced electric battery and you get the TriTrack.

TriTrack is made of honeycomb sandwich monocoque (the same as used for an airplane body). It can be driven both on the ground and on an elevated monorail. It fits the legal description of a 3-wheel motorcycle in all 50 states, so it can be driven on the road like any other vehicle. Its speed on the ground is up to 70 mph. On the monorail TriTrack travels at a breathtaking 180 mph.

On the ground, TriTrack is powered by a battery mule stored underside of the car. When it gets on the monorail, the battery mule drops out of the TriTrack and a linear motor built into the monorail accelerates the car to cruising speed. A smaller battery inside the car maintains its speed on the monorail and a linear generator recaptures the car's energy as it comes down off the rail. When the car reaches the ground again, it picks up a different, fully charged battery mule and continues to its final destination. This ensures that the majority of your travel is on the high-speed monorail and you're not stuck in traffic on the ground.

Safety has been one of the top priorities while developing the TriTrack. It features an impact resistant safety cage which acts like a cocoon around passengers. In the event of an impact, TriTrack composites distribute the force across the body instead of bending like steel.

The much anticipated TriTrack has started its first crowdfunding Indiegogo campaign. Find out more via this link -
Shaila Derevianko