YogaTrail Website Helps to Find Yoga Anywhere

With an abundance of yoga venues to choose from, millions of people rely on word of mouth to find their yoga classes and instructors. The newly launched YogaTrail ( will make it easier for people to find their yoga: visitors to the site can share their experiences of yoga teachers, yoga studios, yoga retreats, and even teacher training programs. YogaTrail provides yoga practitioners with detailed descriptions and reviews of tens of thousands of yoga venues around the world.

Stuttgart, Germany, July 31, 2013 --( Yoga seems to be everywhere and everybody’s doing it. For people who want to get fit, or those that already enjoy a regular exercise routine, the odds are that they will try yoga at some point. But whether or not they will keep doing yoga after the first couple of classes largely depends on whether they’ve stumbled into the right class. Randomly picking just any yoga studio and yoga style is likely to disappoint.

One of the best ways to find the 'right' yoga is to rely on tips and recommendations. That is what a varied group of yogis had in mind when they created YogaTrail this summer. Alex Jaton, one of the founders, is a yogini who herself has spent years scouring the globe for the perfect yoga experience. "All yoga styles are not created equal, and even one style can come in many flavors. The 'right' yoga experience is a matter of personal preference. Some people like to get intense and sweaty, while others prefer slow and relaxing sessions. And while some are very much into the spiritual aspects of yoga, others don’t care for that, and are just after exercise," says Ms. Jaton.

On YogaTrail, teachers and yoga venues around the world are not just reviewed: there are ratings and categories that allow people to filter for things. How much experience does this teacher have? What’s the class like? YogaTrail will be the place where yoga practitioners go for unbiased and useful information.

At, visitors can browse and search for yoga venues and instructors anywhere in the world. "See what reviews they’ve received, and maybe share your own. Because when you do, you’re not only helping out other people looking for yoga – you’re also supporting your yoga teacher or your favorite studio," says Ms. Jaton.

For yoga professionals, it’s very easy (and free) to create a listing on YogaTrail. Each listing consists of a detailed profile that’s very visible to the yoga community, both near and far. It’s an ideal platform from which to broadcast to both existing and potential customers. For the yoga community, YogaTrail also serves as a resource that provides timely information about yoga events and happenings in a particular area. And for travelling yogis, YogaTrail can connect them with a yoga venue wherever they are.

About the Company
YogaTrail is a partnership between an international group of yogis and Buzzwoo!, a German digital agency that does web development and creative internet design work. The team is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Alex Klein