New Nylon 6,6 Overmolding Grade of TPE Now Available from Star Thermoplastic

A new overmolding grade of TPE, developed expressly for nylon 6,6, is now available from Star Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc.

Romulus, IL, August 02, 2013 --( A newly formulated TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) developed expressly for overmolding onto Nylon 6,6 and offering a combination of benefits that combine the benefits of price, performance and appearance, is now available from STAR Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc. (STAR).

Savings are claimed to be as much as 70-to-80 cents per pound over competitive materials. “This was achieved by taking a new approach,” notes Dr. Prakash Sanjeevaiah, PhD, Research & Development Manager at STAR, “Rather than formulating this special material in the same manner as most or all other TPEs for this type of application, we came up with a with a proprietary but comparable material that costs considerably less.”

According to company officials, this is the first step by STAR to offer a universal series of low cost TPE grades for all types of nylon overmolding.

Applications for this new OM grade of TPE are targeted for products where an extra strong hard base material and a soft touch overmolded outer surface are required. These could include, but are not limited to tool box and tool handles, casings for instruments or enclosures, and bike and other recreational equipment grips, among others.

Benefits of the new OM TPE include:
· Excellent adhesion to Nylon 6,6 with high flow for long thin walls
· Hardness ranges from 50 to 80 Shore A
· Optimum surface appearance
· Potential savings of 70 to 80 cents/lb. compared to other TPEs for same applications
· No order too small or too large for short or long run programs

Available in black pellets with no limitations on quantities, the new grade of Nylon 6,6 thermoplastic elastomer from STAR has been thoroughly tested and proven in commercial applications over the past 10 months.

Star Thermoplastics, founded in 1993, is a leading provider of thermoplastic elastomers with many production lines to fill both large and small orders, a full-service rheological and analytical instrumentation laboratory and trained sales and technical support personnel across the continent.

Company products are sold under the trade names Starflex, StarMed, StarBond, StarClear, StarPrene, StarPet, StarLexar, StarTuff, StarXtrude and StarGrip-X. With its rheological and analytical instrumentation laboratories, STAR has the ability to duplicate any existing TPE or TPV with improved formulations and offer them at better prices.

For more information on the TPEs and services available from STAR, contact: STAR Thermoplastic Alloys & Rubbers, Inc., 2121 West 21st Street, Broadview, IL 60155. Tel: 708-343-1100. Fax: 708-343-1110. Web: Email:
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