3.5 Million Reasons Why INTUITION is a Game Changer for the Timeshare Industry

Orlando, FL, August 04, 2013 --(PR.com)-- INTUITION, a brand marketing service launched in February 2013 by Perspective Group, the leading global PR and Multimedia company for the timeshare and vacation ownership industry has revealed the results of a simple search report on Google.com demonstrating the significant impact their service is having.

Through their unique combination of traditional PR methods with modern online marketing strategies, INTUITION has turned just over 100 official press releases written for clients into more than 3.5 million pages of content currently indexed by Google.com.

The results of this report can be found at http://www.intuitionbyperspective.com/press-release-syndication-search-engine-results/

“The impact of INTUITION is outstanding in many ways, but creating this many new searchable pages of content via Google that positively represents timeshare companies, undoubtedly also impacts on the reputation and perception of the timeshare industry as a whole,” said Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group.

INTUITION’s Social Media Monitoring platform is also tracking numerous timeshare industry keywords and market segments and plans to release free detailed reports and analytics later in the year that will give valuable insights into consumer trends and conversation topics about the various vacation ownership product types.

INTUITION has already accumulated a database of nearly 1 million verified and segmented “timeshare” online mentions spanning the last two and a half years and is currently adding more than 100,000 mentions per month for a variety of industry related search terms. This data will serve as a historical timeline with thousands of filtering and comparison options.

INTUITION specializes in the promotion and brand reputation management of resort developers and vendors operating within the timeshare and vacation ownership industry, offering a unique mix of traditional PR services, print advertising, online marketing and social media marketing, backed with the business intelligence of its own social media monitoring platform capable of highly complex tracking and competitive analysis – all operated by the global leader in PR and Multimedia for the timeshare industry.

For more information of the benefits of the INTUITION brand marketing service visit http://www.intuitionbyperspective.com

Operated by Perspective Group, the leading independent PR & Media company globally for the timeshare industry, INTUTION provides a compelling combination of traditional PR, print advertising, online marketing and social engagement tools that assist companies with overall brand visibility, online credibility, customer communication and in-depth strategic marketing analysis. For more information visit http://www.intuitionbyperspective.com
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Keisha Hayden