to Lead Marketing Efforts for Play Pen Tent Cover Invention

Miami, FL, August 04, 2013 --( Tobi C., California resident and inventor, has contracted invention assistance leader to represent his Play Pen Tent Cover concept to industry over the next 2 years. A simple yet effective new twist on a commonly used children's accessory, the Play Pen Tent Cover features a unique design that insures that a child can enjoy the comforts and amenities of a play pen in the safest manner possible.

The Play Pen Tent Cover will be easy to implement and begin using on virtually any model of play pen, and will be removed partially or completely in effortless fashion if necessary. The product will provide priceless peace of mind to parents and caregivers, allow them to accomplish other tasks more efficiently while taking care of a young child, and will also considerably reduce the chances of a child suffering a serious injury resulting from attempting to climb out of a play pen. The inventor of the Play Pen Tent Cover is hopeful of the product finding success through outlets and catalogs selling baby products.

This original idea is now being made available for licensing to manufacturers interested in new product development, especially in the baby products industry. Tobi C. is hoping to have the Play Pen Tent Cover in full production and available to the public within the very near future.

Tobi C.'s journey towards the attempted commercialization of his invention began when he opted to contact Miami, Florida-based recently to explore the possibility of having the invention assistance company further research and document his concept, as well as facilitate the presentation of information and materials about it to potentially relevant manufacturers in industry, with the ultimate goal being to secure a licensing agreement. assists inventors who are seeking to bring their inventions to the consumer market via established third party manufacturers and marketers by providing them expertise designed to guide them from the earliest stages of invention development to the point where there are professionally produced promotional materials regarding the concept. New Product's New Product Publicity and Marketing Program is designed and targeted to provide maximum exposure through promotional materials such as press releases, product brochures, digital renditions, a password-protected website, and other visual mediums such as a New Product DVD and potentially, an interactive virtual reality presentation. representatives will represent the Play Pen Tent Cover for the following 2 years using these materials and will also actively follow up with any manufacturers and marketers that display an interest in potentially licensing the invention.

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