Soundview Executive Book Summaries to Host Webinar with G. Shawn Hunter

Soundview Executive Book Summaries will host an interactive webinar on August 14th with best-selling author G. Shawn Hunter, to discuss the concepts in his latest book, "Out Think."

Philadelphia, PA, August 07, 2013 --( How do we, as leaders, deal with this continuing upheaval in the marketplace? How do we out think our competitors and think outside of the norm to achieve continuing success?

In this Soundview Live webinar, How Innovative Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes, G. Shawn Hunter will present many of the truths from emerging innovative leadership practices that guide reliable value creation from around the world. From his book "Out Think" comes a set of ideas and practices to help companies understand and grow the innovative leadership capacities within their organizations to drive exceptional results. Learn more at

G. Shawn Hunter is Executive Producer & Vice President for Leadership Development Channel at Skillsoft. For over a decade Hunter has interviewed, collaborated with, and filmed, hundreds of leading business authors, executives, and business school faculty in an effort to assemble video learning solutions, as both an entrepreneur and later as a product developer for Skillsoft. Hunter originally co-founded Targeted Learning Corporation with his father Hal Hunter, Ph.D., which was acquired by Skillsoft in February 2007.

Prior to founding TLC with his father, Shawn taught English in Korea, worked on a ranch in Montana, was a ski instructor in Colorado, and bicycled about the U.S. He lives in Maine with his wife Amy and three children.

Attendees will learn:
• How to drive change in your organization for a competitive advantage.
• Techniques to show how the shift or idea can be implemented, with real-world examples.
• Insights, stories, and actionable take-aways that can drive the change that leaders want and need in their organizations.

About Soundview Executive Book Summaries
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