El's Kitchen Granted Non-GMO Status

Stratford, CT, August 07, 2013 --(PR.com)-- El’s Kitchen is pleased to announce that its Garlic & Herb and Simply Sea Salt Snaps Bagel Chips have passed independent and rigorous verification to become certified by and carry the non-GMO seal of Greenstar, a leading independent verifier of the United States Energy Council.

While the United States does not mandate GMO Free labeling or even recommend labeling, El’s wants its customers to have peace of mind when purchasing snacks labeled with this trusted GMO Free seal.

According to company President Eleanor “El” Smith, “When we created our snacks one of our goals was to reduce the confusion the consumer faces when shopping the gluten-free aisle. But we also wanted to meet the growing demand for verified non-GMO products. There are numerous gluten free products that aren’t necessarily healthy or non-GMO. We’re proud to offer gluten-free treats that are not only low in calories and fat, and free of the top eight allergens, but that also meet these strict testing requirements.”

GMOs are plants or animals that have been genetically engineered with DNA from other plants, animals or bacteria, resulting in products that would not occur in nature. GMOs are thought to be unsafe by most developed nations, and while the majority of Americans would like to know if their foodstuffs contain GMOs, the government has yet to create guidelines for their production and sale. It is thought that GMOs are in as much as 80% of our processed foods.

El’s Kitchen looks forward to receiving the coveted non-GMO seal on all of its gluten-free products.
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