CWNP President Discusses the Benefits of Wi-Fi Certification

Brad Crump Addresses the Importance of Wi-Fi Certification for IT Professionals, Employers and Administrative Staff

Durham, NY, August 09, 2013 --( CWNP® (Certified Wireless Network Professional) (, the industry standard in vendor-neutral wireless certifications, has announced the release of a podcast about the importance of Wi-Fi certification for professionals in the IT industry. The podcast features a discussion with Brad Crump, president of CWNP, who explains the various levels of professional certification for enterprise Wi-Fi and the benefits associated with receiving these certifications. Additionally, Crump outlines the tools and methods CWNP provides for achieving these certifications.

Excluding CWTS (Certified Wireless Technology Specialist), the entry level certification suitable for a sales position within the IT industry, there are four professional certification types available through CWNP. As Crump explains, IT professionals should start with the CWNA (Certified Wireless Networking Administrator) certification, which covers the true fundamentals of wireless networking. Once an individual has acquired CWNA, they can then begin working toward higher enterprise Wi-Fi certification levels focused on wireless security, design, and analysis of existing networks. Professionals who have completed the first four levels of certification are eligible to apply for the CWNE (Certified Wireless Network Expert) certification, a prestigious title currently held by only 120 people worldwide. Each certification lasts three years and aligns with the same standards required by the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) internationally.

CWNP offers online study resources and self-study guides for purchase through their website. They also work with professional training partners to offer three to five- day on-site training courses. Participants in the on-site training receive professional level instruction with hands-on lab and networking opportunities. On-site instruction courses yield a 90 percent success rate for first-time exam takers. Because Wi-Fi networks require active management and are incredibly valuable to modern companies, it is essential that companies encourage or require employees to seek Wi-Fi management training and certification.

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“At CWNP, we are passionate about educating IT professionals, administrators and employers worldwide on the importance of Wi-Fi installation and administration,” said Crump. “On a worldwide scale, Wi-Fi is an essential tool for modern-day technologically advanced companies and it requires professionals on staff that have the proper training to manage these networks. Our certification is the industry standard in vendor-neutral wireless certifications and we are a leading source of knowledge of Wi-Fi certification for enterprise IT professionals.”

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CWNP is the recognized industry standard for enterprise Wi-Fi certification and training. Its certifications cover the full range of technologies underlying all enterprise WLAN products. CWNP offers four levels of enterprise Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) certification and prepares IT professionals to specify, design and manage wireless LAN systems regardless of the vendor solution utilized. CWNP has customers in more than 150 countries and authorized training partners in all major global theaters. For more information about CWNP, visit

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