Stauber Drilling Details the Benefits of Environmental Drilling in Saskatchewan

Regina, Canada, August 09, 2013 --( Environmental Drilling acts as a form of research that is used to establish whether the soil and groundwater of any particular area has been contaminated. Some elements of environmental drilling include procuring samples of soil, rock and water, but it goes far beyond the basics. There are other services, such as conducting pump tests; developing, recovering, decommissioning or sealing wells; removing waste; and stabilizing boreholes, to name a few. The purpose of environmental drilling is to assess and monitor contamination that impacts the environment. But environmental drilling itself has an effect on the environment it is evaluating, which raises the question: do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks?

With today’s technology, the answer is a resounding yes. Sonic drilling rigs, like the ones used by Stauber Drilling Inc. in Saskatchewan, are the most environmentally friendly, powerful and efficient rigs in the business. They are faster, lighter and smaller than conventional rigs, which means less fuel consumption and air pollution. Sonic rigs boast an accuracy of close to 100% sample recovery through extremely straight boreholes, leaving only a small environmental footprint.

The ability to discover soil and water contamination yields the ability to intervene. This is no small advantage. The information provided by environmental drilling allows remedies to be created before hazardous substances are released; it can help in assessing whether an area is at risk of natural threats such as earthquakes, landslides, sinkholes, soil liquefaction and debris flows.

Stauber Drilling Inc. is a leader in environmental drilling in Saskatchewan. With a knowledgeable employee base, excellent equipment and over fifty years of experience, Stauber Drilling Inc. is reliable, professional and innovative. Always on the cutting edge, Stauber Drilling Inc. takes the responsibility of environmental drilling seriously and values the opportunity to work with clients who do the same.

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