Expert Witness Profiler, LLC Announces Integration of "Expert Challenge Predictor" Feature to Its Preliminary Screening Report

Evanston, IL, August 09, 2013 --( Expert Witness Profiler, LLC (EWP), the country's leader in expert witness research, announced today the addition of the "Expert Challenge Predictor" feature to its Preliminary Screening Report product. With this new feature, the Preliminary Screening Report will now be able to predict instances of challenges to a particular expert's testimony which the company's legal researchers are likely to find.

Priced at $45.00, the Preliminary Screening Report enables legal professionals to assess whether the ordering of a full profile on an expert is warranted or not. With the addition of the Expert Challenge Predictor feature, EWP customers can now make a better informed decision regarding what type and how much additional research is warranted.

Myles Levin, principal of EWP and founder of The Daubert Tracker said, "The challenge activity pertaining to an expert witness is arguably the most critical aspect of expert witness due diligence. To be able to reliably predict whether or not an expert has had a 'challenge' history is a large step forward towards streamlining and sharpening the approach of legal professionals towards expert witness research." Levin added, "The real value in this new feature is that our research team considers 11 different primary and secondary sources, some of which are not accessible to the general public or many law firms. After significant testing, the Challenge Predictor has proven to be remarkably reliable."

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