Joyfully Jobless Philadelphia Brings Barbara Winter’s Workshops to Philadelphia

Joyfully Jobless Philadelphia is bringing Barbara Winter’s Joyfully Jobless Weekend Workshops to the Philadelphia area on September 20-21 - "The Quiet Revolution is Getting Noisier."

Media, PA, August 26, 2013 --( When Barbara Winter’s book “Making a Living Without a Job first appeared in 1993, she introduced the idea that a quiet revolution was going on. This nearly invisible change was being led by millions of people who were questioning how they earn their living. Without any fanfare, people were opting out of conventional jobs and opting into self-employment.

Over the past decade, their numbers have been quietly growing. A study by the US government reported that an estimated 38 million of us work at home. The study also noted that these statistics are difficult to verify since many of these workplace revolutionaries have quietly gone about their business while staying out of the spotlight.

“High unemployment rates are not the major factor fueling this revolution,” contends Winter. “Many people who are contemplating self employment are motivated by a desire for independence and freedom. Others have an idea for a business or an invention that’s been nagging at them for years. Then there’s the longevity factor that seeing older people wanting to create a new chapter in their lives that does not include idleness. Of course, technology has made it possible to create a business or free lance career that never would have been possible in the past.”

While the desire to join this career revolution is strong, potential participants are often reluctant to investigate further. “Self employment hasn’t been given much attention in our education system,” says Winter,” so the majority of us have grown up surrounded by job holders. Never the less, once people have a few basic tools plus some connection with others who are successfully employed, they’re equipped to join the revolution.”

“When I started my first business in 1974, Winter recalls, “I didn’t know another self employed person. The resources we have today didn’t exist. I began writing and speaking about making a living without a job to share what I’d discovered and to encourage others to create their own satisfying and profitable work.”

Barbara will present three of her most popular workshops, Establishing Yourself as Expert, Making a Living Without a Job and How to Support Your Wanderlust. Winters is available for an interview about her book “Making a Living Without a Job.” For more information or to arrange an interview, contact the Philadelphia host Gillian, at 610.662.9269 or Workshops are $49.00 each or $125.00 for all 3; register at

Barbara Winter is an expert on self employment, author of “Making a Living Without a Job,” editor and publisher of the bi-monthly “Winning Ways” newsletter, her “ Buon Viaggio” blog and is a passionate teacher who hosts seminars and workshops across the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom.
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