Abandoned Houses Spell Out Profits for Real Estate Investors

Cash Flow Depot, a website dedicated to real estate investor training, has a new blog entitled “How to Find Owners of Vacant Houses.” The blog talks about abandoned houses as great real estate investment opportunities.

Dallas, TX, August 13, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Real estate investor training company, Cash Flow Depot, posted its new blog entitled, “How to Find Owners of Vacant Houses.” According to the story, abandoned houses are usually the best deals because they are houses that nobody is occupying and a property that the owner would probably like to liquidate most especially if payments are being continuously made.

The blog teaches the different techniques of finding the owners of abandoned houses, based from the investing experiences of the writer, Jackie Lange. The author has more than two decades of real estate investing experience and has bought, sold, leased, financed, and controlled properties ranging from $400 mobile houses to mansions worth $20,000,000.

“What’s great about real estate blogs is that readers can find knowledge and information for free,” says Jackie Lange. “As a real estate investor training website, we always find time to write blogs about different real estate topics. How to find owners of vacant houses is a question often asked by our members, so I’ve written this blog to especially answer that need and to provide information as well to all real estate investors out there.”

In addition to this blog, Jackie Lange has also written two real estate books entitled, “Flip Deals” and “Highest Bidder Sale.” Both books teach the various ways of making risk-free investments, and can be found in the Cash Flow Depot website. Flip Deals is currently offered for free to site visitors who are interested to sign up to Cash Flow Depot’s online training courses.

Presently, Cash Flow Depot has a collection of more than 100 blogs, each discussing a different real estate topic. The newest blog, “How to Find Owners of Vacant Houses,” contains a true story from Jackie, and 6 tips on how to find the owners of abandoned houses. Jackie shares her story on how she was able to make profits from finding the owner of an empty house, and then eventually buying and selling the property.

According to Jackie, abandoned houses often present great investment opportunities because they are usually priced below market value due to the obvious fact that their owners do not want them anymore. “How to Find Owners of Vacant Houses” is a blog for entertainment and education. Interested parties may visit http://www.cashflowdepot.com/blog/article-details/articleid/404/how-to-find-owners-of-vacant-houses.aspx to read this free blog and learn valuable real estate lessons.

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