Free Wheelchair Mission Announces Fourth Container of Wheelchairs Ordered for Liberia

Free Wheelchair Mission’s fourth container (550 individual units) of wheelchairs was placed on order for Liberia this week.

Irvine, CA, August 14, 2013 --( Free Wheelchair Mission’s fourth container (550 individual units) of wheelchairs was placed on order for Liberia this week. Since 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) has provided more than 700,000 wheelchairs to persons with disabilities living in poverty in 88 countries around the globe. Free Wheelchair Mission performs extensive service throughout Africa with nearly 27% of their wheelchairs being sent there in the last year. The fourth container of wheelchairs destined for Liberia will be a full order of FWM’s GEN_2 wheelchairs. GEN_2 is the latest evolution of the organization’s wheelchair concept featuring additional adjustment points and sizing options for users requiring augmented postural support. It received FDA clearance in March 2012 putting it on par with any product sold in the United States.

Although Liberia’s 14 year civil war ended nearly a decade ago, the effects of the conflict are still felt deeply throughout the African nation. Casualties totaled more than 250,000 lives with thousands more displaced from their homes. To this day, the country still labors trying to rebuild much of its destroyed infrastructure. Living conditions remain extremely poor, with approximately 68 percent of Liberians living below the poverty line and on less than $US1.00 per day. Of the current population of nearly four million individuals, it is estimated that sixteen percent of Liberians have some form of disability with many unable to obtain a mobility aid. By partnering with a local organization to distribute the wheelchairs, Free Wheelchair Mission hopes to support the efforts being made to serve the Liberian population in need. To date, 1,650 wheelchairs have been distributed throughout Liberia.

About Free Wheelchair Mission: Free Wheelchair Mission (FWM) is a humanitarian, faith-based 501(c)(3) organization that seeks to “provide the transforming gift of mobility to the impoverished disabled in developing countries, as motivated by Jesus Christ.” Wheelchairs are distributed fully-assembled free of charge to recipients and are given regardless of race, gender, religion, or ethnicity. Since 2001, Free Wheelchair Mission has provided over 700,000 specially-made wheelchairs to individuals with disabilities in 88 countries around the world. They provide not only mobility, but share the gifts of dignity, independence and hope.
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