Celeb Dermatologist Offers Vampire Facial for Fountain of Youth Results

Derm to the stars Dr. Steven Victor’s latest rejuvenation technique has some surprising and unexpected results.

New York, NY, August 15, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Think less Edward Cullen and more Elizabeth Bathory—the vampire facial, known medically as the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection was given its nickname because the state-of-the-art treatment involves drawing some of the patient's own blood and using valuable elements to counteract the signs of aging and restore a youthful appearance to the face.

"We can separate and use components of the patient's blood that contain high concentrations of protein and growth factors," says Dr. Steven Victor, director of Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation.

The body uses these platelets, growth factors and white blood cells to accelerate new growth and skin repair on the cellular level. Through this procedure collagen and elastin production are stimulated and fine lines are diminished, naturally. Also, the skin will appear tightened and the face more contoured.

"Because the PRP is taken from the patient's own blood the risk of complications or infections are very low," says the doctor of the treatment.

While platelet rich plasma injections have been used in orthopedics for years, it is relatively new in the world of dermatology. Doctors have found an additional cosmetic benefit of PRP treatments: thickening of hair. Preliminary studies show that injecting the scalp with the growth factors present in PRP signals follicle cells to "heal and grow," according to a Yonsei University college of Medicine in Seoul researcher.

In the study two treatments, given three months apart significantly boosted hair thickness.

"This is an exciting way to address thinning hair and balding," says Dr. Victor.

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About Dr. Victor

Dermatologist Dr. Steven Victor is dedicated to the pursuit of pioneering, perfecting and delivering the most effective anti-aging treatments in existence today. Over the past 30 years his reputation has brought in numerous worldwide celebrities, TV personalities and models who have sought out his rejuvenating treatments.

Upon graduation from New York Medical College, Dr. Victor established his New York City practice, Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation. Through the practice, Dr. Victor developed a reputation for creating safe, modern and minimally invasive treatments and pioneered both the "lunchtime peel" and mesotherapy. He continues to offer innovative cosmetic and rejuvenation treatments from injectables, lasers and peels to LaserSculpt -a laser assisted type of Liposuction which melts fat via a tiny laser that goes under the skin and also provides tightening and toning, unlike traditional liposuction. Most recently and most notably, Dr. Victor has developed a state-of-the-art laboratory and a patented, proprietary technology for the efficient and reproducible separation of stromal vascular fraction cells (branded IntelliCell™) containing Mesenchymal Stem Cells. The stromal vascular fraction is then used autologously, (donor and recipient are the same) by a physician to restore function by enabling the body to repair, replace, and regenerate damaged, aging or diseased cells, tissue and organs. Dr. Victor offers his patients this therapy to attenuate a multitude of the skin's signs of aging including firming and volume filling.

He has held teaching appointments at New York University, New York Medical College, Beth Israel Medical Center and Lenox Hill Hospital and was the consulting dermatologist to Elizabeth Arden and Clarins. While earning his bachelor's degree, he assisted the Orentreich Foundation for the Advancement of Science, working on Buf-Puf, Clinique and Head & Shoulders.

He is also the co-author of Ageless Beauty, A Dermatologist's Secrets to Looking Younger without Surgery, published in 2003.

Victor Dermatology and Rejuvenation is located on 460 Park Ave., 17th Fl., New York, NY, and can be reached by telephone at (212) 249-3050 or online by going onto the website,www.victordermatologyandrejuvenation.com, and filling out the contact us form.

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